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Jumaat, 25 Januari 2013

Just WatCh..!!

Hiii...everyone..!! Sorry, long time not updating my blog..BZ..BZ..BZ.. .. (^_^).. Anyway...i just watch ISTANBUL AKU DATANG and it was so nice...i found out about the story more to romantic comedy. There's part that almost make me's not to late for me to make my opinion about the film ya..?!! Oklah...miSS ieQa tink this movie are grate. Nak tengok wayang aritu but terlalu BZ kan so pinjam CD kawan. My fav. actor and actress is also in this film. 
Them are my fav. film star...huhuuhuuu..!! (Dah mcm Misha Omar plak...syok sgt tgk Beto Qushairy..) But never mind..dah minat nak wat camne..Lisa Surihani plak mmg cuteeeee sangat..Rasanya tengok bnyk kali pun mmg takkan jemu...Layannnn...!!
Check out some of the picture that i've d/load...enjoy...!!

Hope u'll lov it..!! Bye...!!

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