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Sabtu, 1 Oktober 2011

Dream..? Dream..!! ^_^

** Dedicade this to my beloved friend Rabiatul adawiah..Hope our dream will come true..

Sometime i felt bored with my own life. Morning goes to work than in the evening i pick up my beutiful daughter. After work it will be HOME SWEET HOME than cook for my beloved family. Tomorrow doing the same thing again n it will go on..n on..n on....!! **Wish i was a  rich woman got own business, end of year can go holiday to Bali or Paris or Dubai with my beloved family..hahaha.. But it's just a dream n i hope that one day that dream will come true. U know..?!! Everyone have their own dream, i know u got ur own dream too. But some person just laugh about others dream. Why..?!! A dream is not a joke. From dream we can be success. We will be strong to achive our dream. For thoose people whom laugh to others, i think they got too many thing in their life. Maybe their life are so boring n they just jealous to other people because they always happy with their own dream. Dream..dream..dream.. One day my dream will come true. U just wait n see.. Insya-Allah... ^_^ .. 

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