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Sabtu, 1 Oktober 2011


Tengah syok melayari blogger ni tetibe i terbuke satu blog ni. It's my Nxxxx. Hahaha, n guess what i found in her blog?!! Nice little pic with her TUTTTTttttt..**that's what i guess.. but anyway if she read this, i don't mind about it coz she's all grown up. Teenager, we shouldn't get angry if we found out if she's got a secret lover. I'm a good aunty n i don't mind about it.**Lagipun aku juge pernah de balak mase sekolah2 dulu, hahaha.. "So dear, just go on with ur life but promise me that u'll take good care of yourself ok.. I love u so much.." ^_^ your secret is safe with me..hihihi..

Sorry, i post this pic in my blog..Lov U..kikiki

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