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Isnin, 25 Mac 2013

Spoil,Unyielding & A Trouble Maker

Is it fair 4 u 2 treat us like we're the bad one's just because "THEY" r more important? Than why when ur in trouble,we're the one that will b beside. Have u ever think about our feelings..?!! Please laaa..grow up..!! Be a man not a dumb bell that pretend that he's already mature. Please prove to us that ur grow up so we won't bother u anymore. Please don't make us cry because of the mistake that u have done. It's hurting, don't u get it..!! STOP hurting their feelings...please laaa..!! And 4 another thing,think B 4 u make any stupid statement.. u said u wanna change so PROVE IT. Don't just talk.. u need to prove to us/them that u can change. And 4 another thing, B 4 ur complain about others,please look at ur self 1st. Do u think that ur better than the person that u "kondem"?!! Have shame of ur self ok....i know that i'm not good enough to give u an advice but i'm more experience than u and i already learn my lesson. Making another person cried especially people who love u the most just make u even worse. Think deeply..!! Ask ur self...

Look here, 4 me ur just spoil little kid that's too stupid to think. Everything that u done just makes even worse. U thing u're so good. Just wait.. i really hate u n 4 me u're NOTHING. Starting from this year, u won't get any "ang paw" from me as it u already said that ur a grown up. So 4 me u don't deserve an "ang paw" anymore. That what u get when u talk without thinking 1st. Oooo..yes, u n "HIM" r the same person that mostly like to make more trouble. And "HER" doesn't even care about u since u were child. Have a SYMPATHY 4 ur self.

Spoil little boy..having u as my relative just make me feel worse. Yes, i'm not the person that good enough to give an advice. But watching u hurting feelings from people that love u the most makes me very angry. Can u just find a job r get back to study other than wasting ur time "melapak" and wating money from ur "THEM"?!! Is that what u called GROWN UP. U always give ur brother n sister an advice but look at ur self?!! How do u expect them 2 listen n respect u because u also never listen to others. "Why am i keep on bubbling at u..?!! i already know the answer...miSS ieQa need to stop wasting time giving an advice to this useless boy.." Ok, i'll stop, need 2 promise myself not to let u hurting our feelings agian. Go away..have a nice day..Have nice time hurting others feeling. For me, u'll only a Spoil,Unyielding n A Troble Maker. 

Spoil and Unyielding
and A trouble maker..!!

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