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Khamis, 1 Disember 2011

01 DeCemBeR 2011..Happy..Worried..."Tak Tentu Arah" Hahaha..

I'm so happy last i got an offer as GM n tomorrow i'll start working at new place. Hope everything will b smooth as i hope it will b. There's a lot of new things that i need to learn at a new place. Got new friend, new boss, new client..everything will b fresh again. "Jumping..jumping..!! Hahaha..!! LOL.."

 Excited as it can b..but in the same time i feel like dizzy..wondering how is my new place will b..?!! Hmmmm...."Thingking.." 
I'm worried if i can't match with my new place..waaa..!! "Don't think Negative miSS ieQa.."
Waaa..!! Tension already..!!? Sure nothing willl happend..hihihi..just b cool.. Ok, need 2 chowW k..lots of thing 2 do..huhuhu..see u'lls...!!

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