FoLLoW mE (^_^)

Khamis, 28 Jun 2012

Just a LittLe Bit MoRe..

There's no need for me to think about the past.. Just look forward and go through with my destiny. Maybe there's more grate thing waiting for me. I just need to go straight and follow my heart. Don't need to think about others. Just me, my hubby and my baby..
Whether they like it or not, whether they wanna talk anything stupid about me..i don't wanna think about it at all. Enough is enough, i know everything and i'm not the one that keep on lying and pretending. I'm glad n thankful of what i have now. Anything that i got is all ready enough. No need for me to ask for more. Like i said, enough is enough. They can take whatever they like or want i don't wanna bother. Good bye and have a nice life. Please don't disturb me anymore. I've had enough.

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