FoLLoW mE (^_^)

Selasa, 26 Jun 2012

Nothing much to say, 
just want to remind myself how is important for me not to trust people that looks like care about me but in the end they just pretending. 
Looks like they know me very well but the truth is they don't.. Yes, we grew up together but it doesn't mean that they knew us.. They just saw all the bad things about me but they couldn't see what's really inside me. can't judge me just because you always here bad thins about me.. Why won't you just go to your big mirror that you had inside your house n look back. It is you that had bad heart. 
You just jealous of me because as bad as you thing i am my friends always be there for me n never left me even when i'm sad. But you..when you were good in everything all your friend will come near you but when it comes to a problem they just  go away..
I think you should be pity to yourself rather than messing up with mylife..

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