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Rabu, 10 April 2013


Boring night.. feeling so heart broken suddenly..
     I don't know how to describe my feelings right now but my heart so broken. Ok, let me tell u'll a story. B 4 this (20 years ago) i meet with this girl (now a grown up woman) that she doesn't have any real friend in her life. I felt so sad 4 her so i start to B friend with her. After that we've been so close 2gather.
     We always share our problems, our feelings, our sadness until 1 day she stab behind my back. Almost all my closes friend left me without any explanation. I never knew what when wrong. Until my dearest friend (KakChik) told me what when wrong on that year. I'm so disappointed, after all i've done to her. that's what she repays me.. From that day, she's no more in my friend list.
     Friendship sometimes can make people miserable.. i've been there N it's so frustrated. There's also 1 time, back then it was when i 1st came 2 Melaka. I've worked at a big store somewhere here in Melaka. Than i've meet with this girl. We've been close, that time she's only my friend there. We've like sisters, always 2gather. But after she got engaged, we're no more close 1 N another. Just lost contact, never heard from her since than. I felt so sad, but i told to my self.."Wake up Eka, U don't need her.." So i just move on. Since than i told myself.."B friends but not too close to them coz it can't hurts.." I've learn my lesson N i don't want to turn back time. 
I told 2 myself that,
"True friend will always B beside when we almost needed someone. They won't leave u when we mostly needed them."

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