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Selasa, 16 April 2013

You..!! O_o

Wee..!! Wee..!!
Today is public holiday for all Melaka state. Means, rest a hole day at home.
Anyway, this morning i open my computer switch on my internet broadband and log-in to my FB account. Than suddenly i saw this entry...
After reading the entry, it makes me wanna laugh. Hahaha, (laugh already) o_O. It sound stupid when he said....
Than i just post this entry n suddenly he just "like" on my post. What a weird boy he is.
Than i saw another entry from him..
And i just said to him through this massage..
A c-days ago he wrote this n we understand it. But there's no point to asked for forgiveness if he doesn't wanna change his attitude at all. He always said "His a grown man" but his mentality are still like young boy. A 100 time already, told to him...please change and stop wasting time. Find a place where u can get good education or at list get back on your feet and find a job. Please prove yourselves and stop making your grandmother cried. Have a shame to yous self. 
STOP BEING USELESS, ANNOYING person. It just make you even worse more..

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