FoLLoW mE (^_^)

Rabu, 28 September 2011


Well..what's the story for today. Hmmm..i'm really not in a mood.. (Mood tonggang-langgang ^_^) ..Why am i so hard to forgive someone that once hurt my heart very badly..? I tried to forgive n to forget but still it hurt's inside. Plezzz help me..!! I pray to ALLAH so i can forgive them's so hard..i don't know. Love them but in the same time hate them so much. Confius right..?!! Don't know what to, what should i do?!! Seem's like happy inside but in reality, it's hurt..sad..unforgiven..waaa..!! Still trying to make the best in mylife..only ALLAH knows what it feel inside..T_T

-I'm still trying, to forgive n to forget..-

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